Grab your mates and strap up for

Australian Masters Games!

October 7th – 12th 2023 | Diamond Sports West Beach & Glenelg Baseball Club

AMG Baseball will wrap up on the Thursday to allow athletes to prepare for the Baseball SA regular season to recommence on the 14th of October.


This year we are offering:

Open: 35+, 40+, 50+ | Women: 35+


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Games Fee: $155 (Ages 70+ are $110) + Sport Fee: $110

= TOTAL of $265 (or $250 for 70+)!!

Register here:

With your games fees, you also get access to a massive entertainment program from the Opening Ceremony, Mid-Week Concert, Nightly entertainment at the District - SkyCity as well as the Foreshore Fiesta at Glenelg, there is something for everyone!


Age is determined by the 31st of December 2023 – if your team is looking for an age exemption, please see the 2023 Playing Rules & Conditions Section 24. Dispensations / Permits HERE

To see approved exemptions please click here


The Australian Masters Games Baseball Schedule is LIVE NOW!

Women's 35+

Open 35+

Open 40+

Open 50+



What rules are being used? What bats can we use? Are there pitch counts?
All these answers can be found in the 2023 Playing Rules and Conditions HERE. If you have any questions about rules, please reach out the Baseball Organising Committee through the Games Convenor (Molly

Who do I contact about team administration questions? E.g., registering a team and/or player, changing my teams age group…
Nicholas is Baseball’s liaison for the games this year. To contact him, you can reach him via email (Nicholas Mallia - or via the office line 08 6146 3250.

How will the competition run?
Each division will be round robin, with the four teams having the highest points to play the medal matches.

How many people can we have in our squad?
Team numbers are limited to a maximum of 18 players, with a maximum of 25 medals to be awarded to each participating group to cover the 18 players, non-playing coaches, umpire, scorer, medical personnel and managers.

Do we need to bring our own officials?
Each team must supply their own scorer, scorebook, team sheet book and MUST supply an umpire (Games Entry Fee and Sport Fee applies to all on field members except batboys). If you are looking for an umpire, please reach out the the Baseball Organising Committee through the Games Convenor (Molly who may be able to connect you to an umpire – this may come at a cost.

How long are the games?
All games are to be of 100 minutes duration or 7 innings, whichever comes first. Each game has an allocated 2-hour slot to complete.

Do I need to be associated with a club to play?
No, you do not! BUT registration with Baseball Australia is preferred for on-field insurance purposes, players not affiliated with their home state/Baseball Australia will not be covered for on-field injury and should seek private health insurance as an alternative.



If you have any questions, please reach out to:

Sport specific enquiries: Molly Brown –

Administrative: Nicholas Mallia -