Board of Directors





Tony Catt | President




John Loy | Finance Director



Nathan Davison | Operations Director


Michael Dunn | Performance Pathways Director


Ron Harvey | Youth Director





Michelle Elgindi | Marketing Director




Terry Evans | Board Member




Bianca Smith | Women's Baseball Director





In accordance with the South Australian Baseball League Inc. Constitution and in line with the By-Laws, nominations are hereby called for the following board positions (descriptions can be supplied upon request to James Rawson -,au):

• Junior Operations Director

• Marketing Director

Nominations for all positions must be in writing, completed, signed, and returned to the GM no less than 21 days before the fixed date for the AGM, being 5 July 2023. Details of received nominations and any accompanying material received will be circulated to voting members 14 days prior to the Annual General Meeting to be held on 26th of July (see details in EVENTS tab).