Member Protection Policy

Baseball South Australia and each of the other states in Australia have adopted the National Integrity Framework. From September 1, 2022 all concerns or complaints about alleged integrity breaches can be reported directly to Sport Integrity Australia by filling out the webform on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

All non-National Integrity Framework related matters, such as selection policy disputes will continue to be handled by Baseball South Australia. 

For a description of who manages which type of sports complaint, please click here: NIF Overview Fact Sheet 

All alleged breaches in relation to our National Integrity Framework and associated integrity policies will be managed under the Complaints, Disputes and Discipline Policy.

To report a breach of an integrity policy that pertains to the the National Integrity Framework, submit directly to Sport Integrity Australia via:

Below are downloadable versions of each of the National Integrity Framework policies and links to other integrity resources from Baseball Australia.


National Integrity Framework Policies