From 15th March until 30th of April 2023, members of the baseball community can submit rule changes through their clubs and associations. The clubs and associations will then sort and submit to BSA any rules that they would like added, modified or removed.

What will be required to fill out.

Rule X-XXX (x)(#): Title

  • State what the current rule is, as found in either the By-Laws or the Local Playing Conditions.
  • Proposed Change: Revise paragraph X-XXX (x)(#) to read:
    • State what your proposed rule change would look like in the revised By-Laws or Local Playing Conditions. Italicize and bold your proposed changes within your proposed change to identify what you are proposing.
  • If you are suggesting a new rule, please add the location where you think the said rule should be written.
  • Reason: Strongly defend your proposed change with examples, reasons, and explanations of how the proposed change will improve safety and/or fairness to provide more equitable playing conditions.

Proposed changes to the By-Laws or Local Playing Conditions will be reviewed by the appropriate committees after the proposal window closes. Once the changes are reviewed and any clarifications added, the proposals that make it to the next round will be posted to the Baseball SA website from May 15-June 15 for public review and comment.

Any comments received will be reviewed and considered in the evaluation of rules proposals. The final version of the proposals, accompanied by Committee recommendations, will be sent to the Board of Directors for its consideration at their July meeting.

A PDF updated version of the 2023/24 By-Laws and Local Playing Conditions is expected to be uploaded to the website by the 2023 AGM.

All rule change submissions must be emailed to Please use the Subject line: Rule Change Proposal 2023 and insert Club/Association Name.