Rob's Wrap Up - Capps Medal Presentation 2024

Published Wed 20 Mar 2024

By Robert Laidlaw
[Photos by Gavinssnapshots]
Congratulations to Woodville two-way player Drew Janssen on winning the 2024 Capps Medal as Baseball SA division one’s best and fairest player.
Janssen has been a mainstay at the Senators for the past two seasons and is a major reason for the club’s rise to second spot in the minor round this year, with his dominant play at short stop, from the mound and in the batters’ box earning him 33 votes.
No Woodville player has won the Capps since Tony Harris in 1987, with Drew becoming the Senators fifth medallists – es Behrendt (1974, Mark Peters (1978), John Galloway (1980), Harris and Janssen.
It was a close count, with Henley coach Wilson Lee and last season’s winner from Adelaide Billy Damon equal second on 31 votes. Port’s Samuel Steigert was next with 30 votes.
Georgia Davis has again been crowned the women’s division one medallists with 19 votes. The Sturt pitcher has had an outstandings season and is looking to lead her team to premiership glory this Sunday. Jess Maslin from South was runner-up with 15 votes.
Top 10 Capps Medal: Drew Janssen (Woodville) 33; Wilson Lee (H&G) 31; Billy Damon (Adelaide) 31; Samuel Steigert (Port) 30; Terrell Joyce (Sturt) 28; Tyson McKee (Port) 26; Cesar Perez (Woodville) 22; Jack Partington (H&G) 21; Landon Hernandez (H&G) 19; Troy Nicholson (Woodville) 19; Stefan Welch (Adelaide) 19; Adenson Verategui (Woodville) 19.
Top 10 Women’s division one: Georgia Davis 19; Jess Maslin 15; Elly Tucker 14; Bianca Ramsey 14; Amara Quinn 12; Bianca Smith 11; Peyton Daniels 9; Sydney Horton 9; Elisa Gooley 9; Alice Prokopec 8; Darna Boers-Veen 8.
State League Division One Team of the Year:
Head Coach: Lawrie Moore (Woodville).
Pitchers: Starter – Tyson McKee (Port); Relief – Wilson Lee (H&G); Closer – Drew Janssen (Woodville). Catcher: Jet Clohessy (H&G).
Infield: 1B – Tom McGarry (WT); 2B – Mitch Lightbody (Sturt); SS – Jeremy Creswell (Goodwood); 3B – Stefan Welch (Adelaide).
Outfield: Terrell Joyce (Sturt), Jasper Clark (WT), Jack Partington (H&G).
DH: Austin Gallagher (Kensington).
Umpires: Plate – Neil Poulton; Base – Ian Reval. Scorer: David Ceccon (H&G).
Women's League Division One Team of the Year:
Head Coach: Benjamin Short (South).
Pitchers: Starter – Georgia Davis (Sturt); Relief – Elly Tucker (South); Closer – Sydney Horton (Glenelg). Catcher – Sarah McMahon (Woodville).
Infield: 1B – Elisa Gooley (Sturt); 2B – Peyton Daniels (Glenelg); SS – Jenny Dunn (Sturt); 3B – Alyssa Lasscock (Woodville).
Outfield: Debbie Hutchings (South), Bianca Ramsey (Sturt), Bianca Smith (Sturt).
DH: Jess Maslin (South).
Umpires: Plate – Paul van der Koogh; Base – Sean Bourne. Scorer: Michael Phillips (GGCD).
Division one men: Batting Champion – Terrell Joyce (Sturt) 0.513; RBIs – Terrell Joyce (Sturt) 34; Pitching Champion – Drew Janssen (Woodville) 1.08 ERA; Gordon Ross Golden Glove: infielder – Tom Fiebig (Goodwood), outfielder – Jasper Clark (WT); Rookie of the Year: Jay Couzner (H&G).
Division one women: Batting Champion: Bianca Ramsey (Sturt) 0.471; RBIs: Elisa Gooley (Sturt) 22; Pitching Champion: Lucy Davis (Sturt) ERA 6.54; Golden Glove: infielder – Alyssa Lasscock (Woodville), outfielder – Bianca Ramsey (Sturt); Rookie of the Year: Peyton Daniels (Glenelg Baseball Club).
Other medals: D2 Ron Sharpe Medal – Austin Parkinson (Sturt); D3 George Chapman Medal – Glenn Castellano (ET); D4 Max Galloway Medal – Steve Whitehead (GGCD); D5 Graham Fisher Medal – Shane Jennings (South); D6 John Tyson Medal – Mitchell Eiffe (Gawler); D7 Red BUASA Medal – Stuart Matthews (GGCD)/Jason Neale (WT); D7 Blue SABSA Medal – John Holland (Port); Women D2 – Katie Carpenter (GGCD); Women D3 – Jessica McKay (Port). Bob Finn Memorial Award for Most Consistent Player Adelaide Giants: Lachlan Wells; Ron Harvey & Ken Kobayashi Youth Coaching Award: Chris Sims; Max Puckett Memorial Female High Performance Athlete of the Year: Bianca Ramsey; Max Puckett Memorial Male High Performance Athlete of the Year: Jack Bushell; Andrew Bell Junior Umpire of the Year: Dorian Edmonds; Fred Halligan Umpire Development Award: Niamh McInerney; Paul Begg Umpire of the Year: Neil Poulton; Ken Wesslink Volunteer of the Year: Michael Phillips.
Australian Youth Championship awards: Don Klaebe Memorial Award, Most Consistent Player – Nicholas Paparella; U18 MVP – Alistair Tanner; U18 Greatrex Sporting Award, Most Improved – Ben Ganley; U16 MVP – Toby Kortekaas; U16 Greatrex Sporting Award, Most Improved – Taj Williams; Women MVP – Bethany Lee/Sienna Thiele.
Junior medallists: Senior League D1 Len C Poole Medal – Luca Ankeny (Port); Senior League D2 Len C Poole Medal – Eden Jeffery (Sturt); Junior League D1 Don Carter Medal – Alice Brown (Woodville); Junior League D2 Alan Waldron Medal – Luca D'Ambrosio (Sturt); Intermediate League – Frankie O'Rielly (Adelaide); Little League D1 Ron Macbeth Medal – Sebastian Watts (Sturt); Little League D2 – Archie Wallis (Woodville); Minor League Ron & Jill Chandler Medal – Chevy Roach (GGCD); Mini League – Gideon Canilao (Adelaide).